External Resources

Below is a list of links to external websites that may provide valuable information for our gynaecology patients. Please note that the websites are not directly associated with us and we are not responsible for the content of those sites.  If you find any errors or have any concerns about a site we’re linking to, please let us know and we will amend the list.

General Gynaecology Information sites

Getting a Cervical Screening Test

www.ages.com.au – Australia’s Laparoscopic (Keyhole) Surgeons Society

www.jeanhailes.org.au  –  Menopause Information


Laparoscopy (key hole surgery)







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The Greenslopes Obstetrics & Gynaecology team is committed to providing the best in medical care. We undertake dedicated obstetric and surgical audits of our performance and outcomes to ensure that we are performing at the highest possible standard – the standard that our patients deserve.

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