Good nutrition during pregnancy is very important; it ensures you and your baby both remain healthy. However, there is much to learn and understand about what ‘good nutrition’ really is.

There are foods you can continue to enjoy during pregnancy and others you should avoid. Your need for some nutrients is heightened and it’s important to find out how to satisfy that need. Some people suggest you are eating for two, but does that really mean you can get away with eating twice as many calories. Some pregnant women also have morning sickness, taste changes and cravings to contend with.

Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology has partnered with qualified nutritionist Peita Hynes to provide nutrition advice, support and information to patients in our own rooms.


Peita has over 14 years’ experience in the health industry, having started her career as an exercise physiologist with UQ Sport. She has been a practicing dietitian for over 11 years, working with a range of clients from new mothers to professional athletes.
Peita specialises in weight management and sports nutrition and has worked in a variety of settings including Queensland Health, corporate health, private practice and the Queensland Academy of Sport.  She also worked as the Brisbane Lions Football Club’s Sports Dietitian from 2010-2013.

As a mum to a four-year old daughter and two-year old son, Peita uses her professional expertise and personal insight to support women in maintaining a balanced diet and healthy weight both during and after pregnancy. She is a proud advocate of women’s health.
Peita works with patients to develop a healthy diet plan tailored to each person’s individual needs.  She can help mother and baby throughout the stages of pregnancy and life, through pre-conception to post-natal nutrition.

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Peita Hynes is part of the Eat Smart Nutrition team. For more information visit www.eatsmartnutrition.com or telephone Peita on 0422 229 031 or email at peita@eatsmartnutrition.com.

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