What is The Baby Focus?

The Baby Focus is entirely and proudly made in Australia. It is a simple idea with a simple purpose. It is an essential product for every new parent, as it enables you to capture the most special moments in your life with ease, first time, every time.

The Baby Focus is a dad invention. Born from a moment of need, the detachable device is compatible with all smart phones. Designed to attract the attention of a baby or toddler, which when used in conjunction with your smart phone’s camera, allows you to take great photographs of your little one looking right down the lens.

This simple idea with its innovative look is designed to help improve the quality of your captured moments, and will certainly help improve your social media posts! The rattle provides a sound that all babies and toddlers love, and this provides the initial stimulation to get the little one’s attention.

To maintain the subject’s attention, The Baby Focus’ range of bright, bold, modern colours, coupled with the movement of the rattle, gives you the chance to snap away on your phone, getting photos of your little one looking right down the lens. With The Baby Focus, you’ve got the perfect tool to assist with capturing that special moment. The device is easy to attach and is equally easy to remove and store in your nappy bag, stroller, purse, handbag etc.

Key Features:
  • Compatible with all smart phones including plus sized and ‘Edge’ models
  • Voted as one of Babyology’s ‘Top 10 baby gadgets of 2015′
  • Best used on little people 2 months to 2 years
  • Make your Facebook posts, Tweets and Instagram pics perfect
  • Snap your little one looking straight at the camera
  • Perfect for family photos
  • Proudly Made in Australia

Why was it invented?

Dave Canavan and his wife Amanda have taken more photographs of their son Lennon than they both cared to count. They would often have 20 or 30 variations of the same image taking up memory on their phones, trying in vain to get that great shot, often whilst jumping around, making silly noises and pulling faces, all to get the attention of Lennon.

Dave noticed that there were certain things that got Lennon’s attention, and one of them that never failed was a rattling toy. The sound made him turn his head from any distraction, so he figured; why not add a rattle to a phone and that’s how The Baby Focus concept was born.

Photos have never been easier for Dave and Amanda, and they have a new model in their lives; little Coco who is now just over a year old. The Baby Focus has proven invaluable to getting perfect photos of Coco, and more importantly, capturing those priceless memories.

Learn more about the Baby Focus here.

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